Healthcare costs are soaring. Patients, employers, physicians and payers all know it.

A 2019 Johns Hopkins study, published in Health Affairs, suggests that US healthcare spending per capita is the highest among developed countries, and the researchers believe it’s because of high prices.

Partnerships between payers and independent physicians can help change that. Independent physicians can provide higher quality care at lower costs, according to Annals of Family Medicine. But as a payer, working with many small, independent practices can be challenging.

That’s where Consensus Health comes in.

Why Partner With Consensus Health?

Partnering with Consensus Health gives you easier access to and greater influence with a consortium of independent providers. We act as a bridge between independent physicians and payers to help drive success under value-based care programs and create a better experience for your members, while lowering the cost of coverage for your customers.

Payers gain access to a network of independent providers with large medical group infrastructure and deep experience working with insurance providers. You’ll have contacts at Consensus Health that are dedicated to interfacing with payers, rather than practice managers or physicians with many other concerns.

The benefits are clear. Contact us today for more information.