Why Join Consensus Health?

In today’s healthcare and economic environment, it is more challenging than ever to remain independent. Consensus Health can help. We provide access to new contract opportunities, technology enhancements, population health and back-office processes while allowing you to retain your practice identity and patient base. You get all the benefits of a large group practice without giving up ownership of your practice.

On average, doctors spend about 20 percent of their time on paperwork. More than three-quarters of physicians want to spend more time caring for patients and less time on office-related issues. Consensus Health simplifies the tasks of running your practice so you can spend more time with patients.

Benefits of Joining

Joining a large network of independent providers like Consensus Health offers many benefits:

  • Access to new payer opportunities and value-based programs
  • Comprehensive technology platform to improve financial and clinical capabilities
  • Practice management and population health services designed to support the many needs of your practice—plus an ownership stake in the management services organization
  • Support in transitioning to advanced payment models
  • Ground-floor leadership opportunities
  • A healthier work-life balance and a renewed passion for your profession.
  • More time for patient care

Physicians who join Consensus Health can expect improved practice performance, leading to a significant increase in their bottom lines. Best of all, joining our network facilitates a healthy work-life balance and allows for more time spent on what really matters.

Be Part of Our Network

If you’re looking to retain your independence, enhance your patients’ experience, make more money and improve your quality of life, take a closer look at Consensus Health. Contact us today to see if you’re ready to make the next step.