At Consensus Health, Patient Health is Everyone’s Mission

Every member of Consensus Health’s expanding team plays an integral role in delivering high-quality care and consistent service to our patients and all those with whom we interact.

Our member physicians reap myriad benefits by being part of the Consensus Health medical group. They are able to leverage the ongoing investments we make in the health of our business and that of our patients by reducing their practice’s overall administrative responsibilities and burdens. This ensures our physicians can stay focused on what they do best — delivering localized, patient-centric care.

Consensus Health provides its member physicians access to a portfolio of tools that enable us to consistently deliver unparalleled care throughout the geographic markets we serve. This support includes access to a universal technology platform and unified electronic health record system; participation in various payer contracts as well as an assortment of value-based programs, based on our ability to scale; and, the chance to secure better payer reimbursement.

Our support services help the independent physicians within our medial group transition to value-based programs that better prepare them for risk. Consensus Health’s collaboration with payers further drives value-based adoption among our growing provider network thereby improving the health outcomes of patients while lowering the overall cost of care.

Our Mission:

Preserve the Independent Practice of Medicine

We believe that it is essential that our providers are free to practice medicine and exercise their own, independent medical judgement without corporate pressures and that they have the support of a committed team. When that happens, our patients win.

Enhance the Patient Experience

We deliver value to our Patients by delivering higher quality healthcare through a primary care multispecialty model for patient care

Improve Population Health Outcomes

We deliver value to our Providers so they can focus on providing excellence in care to their patients

Reduce the Total Cost of Care

We deliver value to our Payer Partners by helping them reach their desired outcomes for total cost of care and quality

Our Vision:

How We Achieve Our Mission

  • We deliver VALUE and SERVICE to our Patients by delivering higher quality healthcare through a primary care multispecialty model for patient care.
  • We deliver VALUE and SERVICE to our Providers so they can focus on providing EXCELLENCE in care to their patients.
  • We deliver VALUE to our payor partners by helping them reach their desired outcomes for total cost of care and quality.
  • We act with INTEGRITY while enabling all Providers to practice medicine through the support of a committed TEAM without corporate pressures.

Our Values

Consensus Health Core Values define what is expected of you as an employee and what you can expect from others.

Service: Put Patients First

  • We are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients.
  • We are not just care givers, we are also patients. We always ask ourselves “what would I want if I were the patient?”
  • When patients come to our practices, they leave feeling gratified:
  • We smile and greet them in a personal way that makes them feel like a “special guest.”
  • We understand that our patient’s time is just as important as ours and we do everything in our power to stay on schedule; when we are not able to, we communicate in advance and apologize.
  • We communicate in an easy-to-understand way, whether we are discussing an open invoice or a diagnosis.
  • We demonstrate grace, kindness, empathy and patience in every interaction.
  • We thank them for visiting our practice and trusting us with their care and strive to deliver “wow” customer service at all times.
  • Patients are our most precious asset and we treat them as we would our own family members and offer any help necessary to make the process easier for them.

Excellence: Be a Positive Force and Willing to Grow

  • We are big believers in positive energy. Our people inspire those around them always adopt a “can do” attitude.
  • Our people are quick to accept responsibility and learn from their mistakes.
  • We make sure that every interaction leaves the person on the other end in a positive place.
  • We function at our best when our team members are growing and sharing their knowledge and expertise with one another.
  • We surround ourselves with people who are passionate about learning and we deliver the training and development they need to succeed in their role and prepare for the future:
    • On-the-job training & shadowing
    • Web-based training through ADP, athenahealth and various wellness workshops
    • Ongoing professional development meetings and on-site conference
    • CME support for physicians and APPs
    • Educational resources delivered via our bi-monthly eNewsletter, “Consensus Connects” and through our internal portal, The Hub
  • We give our people the autonomy to work independently and view challenges as an opportunity for training and development.
  • Team members who embrace this commitment have limitless opportunities for advancement, including leadership roles within our rapidly expanding organization.

Integrity: Do the Right Thing - Everytime

  • We honor the confidentiality and privacy of our patients, our teammates and our business partners. Privacy is at the forefront of our values and we adhere to respecting the confidentiality of everyone we work with.
  • Healthcare is a private matter, which means our team exercises delicate diligence when dealing with health and financial information. We ensure that our new teammates are trained properly and thoroughly before representing our organization.
  • Creating safe and secure workplaces also means that we respect personal and professional boundaries. Our teammates strive to make everyone feel comfortable.
  • Our teammates ensure that any potential hazards in the workplace are noted and addressed in order to help everyone stay safe and avoid workplace injuries.
  • We live in a complex world and our teammates work diligently to keep one another safe. We keep our eyes and ears open for potential harm and we report it immediately.
  • All team members are expected to meet the highest ethics standards in all actions and decisions they make. These standards are outlined in our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct.

Teamwork: Be Open, Honest, and Respectful

  • We are a highly functioning team-based environment and expect all team members to live up to each other’s expectations.
  • Time is one of our most precious resources and we regard it in that manner.
  • In order to be efficient, we need to respect one another’s time and busy schedules.
  • We pledge to respond to emails or phone messages within 24 hours.
  • We pledge to always be proactive and keep our word to follow through when we make a promise or commitment. If we are unable to keep our commitment, we provide notice as far in advance as we can.
  • We Pledge to be open and honest and value each other’s opinions and input and provide such input respectfully.

Value: Be Accountable - Think Like an Owner & Deliver Results

  • We entrust our people to be leaders, to “manage up” and be proactive:
  • When we see problems, we fix them.
  • We share and offer innovative ideas for improving processes.
  • We track metrics and measure results against these goals on a regular basis
  • We treat resources and supplies with respect and are not wasteful. By the same token, if we think there is something needed to help us better serve our patients, we make sure the practice is aware.