Grow your practice without sacrificing your independence.

Consensus Health is a large healthcare network created to make the clinical and business aspects of healthcare more effective and efficient for providers, payers, and patients. Physician-led and community-based, we provide physicians with the benefits of a large group practice while enabling them to retain their independence. Through Consensus Health, doctors get access to more advanced software and equipment, more efficient population health and back-office processes, new contract opportunities, and much more.

Running a practice involves far more than simply seeing patients and treating them – although that’s more than enough work by itself. Most doctors also wrestle with a mountain of administrative tasks and paperwork on a daily basis. On average, physicians spend about 20% of their working hours on paperwork alone. Wading through all of these logistical obstacles can sap critical time and energy that could otherwise be devoted to your patients health or even your own rest and well-being – after all, burnout is common in the healthcare industry. Consensus Health streamlines your practice’s administrative and managerial processes, allowing you to focus on what you do best: practicing medicine.

Why Should Physicians Partner with Consensus Health?

When Physicians join the Consensus Health network, their practice identity and patient base remain the same while they gain access to a wide range of benefits:

  • Access to new value-based programs and payer opportunities. The Consensus Health network also includes partnerships with payers that see the clear value in working with doctors that provide improved patient outcomes.
  • A comprehensive software platform that improves clinical and financial capabilities. Outdated systems can cause your practice’s services to grind to a halt. You can rely on our software to securely and dependably complete the processes necessary to run your practice.
  • Practice management and population health services tailored to your specific needs – plus an ownership stake in the management services organization. Our services combine time and energy-saving population health services with practice management services that encourage better patient outcomes while enabling you to keep your independence.
  • Supported transitioning to advanced alternate payment models (APM). As the healthcare industry continues to change and evolve in response to both industry factors and new regulations, APMs will continue to become even more ubiquitous. These payment models favor practices that deliver high-quality care, making them naturally advantageous for practices in the Consensus Health network.
  • Ground-floor leadership opportunities. The Consensus Health network also provide opportunities for physicians to lead their peers and give back to their local communities.
  • A healthier work-life balance, more time for patient care, and a renewed passion for your profession. Ultimately, Consensus Health works to free up your time and energy so you can focus on actually practicing your profession. It’s simple: better quality of life and increased job satisfaction for physicians translates to happier and healthier patients.

Physicians who join Consensus Health can expect improved practice performance – meaning both improved patient outcomes and significantly increased revenue. Best of all, joining our network enables a healthier work-life balance and allows more time spent on what matters to you most.

Join the Consensus Health Family

Looking to increase your practice’s revenue, enhance your patients’ healthcare experience, and improve your work-life balance while retaining your practice’s independence? Consensus Health is the perfect solution. To join our network or request more information, call (856) 782-3300 or contact us online today!